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Building Camp

I've been spending most Saturdays at Via Paradiso because I'm dying to get out there, but I won't be able to build the house for a couple more years. I also still have a lot of work to do with clearing the pond out and WOW wouldn't it be great if I got it cleared now so that when I was ready to move in it actually looked like a pond and not some overgrown swampy depression? I've had a lawn chair and beach umbrella out there, but I want something a little better, a little higher off the ground (out of snake and tick reach) to take advantage of the ever improving view. This natural clearing overlooking the pond under this huge oak is perfect.

I'm just going to do a real simple raised 12 X 10 deck for now, with a simple tarp for a roof. I can keep some water out there and have some shade and shelter.

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