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Is that water?

You can hardly tell, but, yeah, that's water way out there. After I purchased the land, my first order of business was to blaze a trail down to the pond to see what I was dealing with. This is the first picture I took, standing almost on the edge of the soggy shoreline. Disappointing to say the least. The pond was completely overgrown with invasive grass species, woody bushes, and the decaying stumps of dead trees that had blown over in the wind. It's a seasonal pond, which means it's dependent on the rain to keep it full. If there are a few years of drought, it will dry up. Secondly, it's only about 4 feet deep in its deepest part, with most of it being about 2-3 feet deep. Because of this, those grasses have thrived and taken over virtually all of my side of the pond. I'll get out there with my weed whacker and see how much I can get done before the water is over my rubber boots.

There's about ten feet done. Only another 50 x `200 to go!

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