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Get to know the 'Squatch's General Disclaimers, Return and Refund policy, and Shipping information

Color Disclaimer

Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, the color of products may appear different on different monitors. It is not possible to guarantee our online colors will look the same on all computers, and we do not guarantee that what you see accurately portrays the color of the actual product.

If it is important that the color be exact, it is highly recommended that you request a sample from us, before placing an order. We will ship you one, if samples for the color are available.  Products that have the same color name that does not mean they are the same exact color as other products with the same name.   


Natural Wood Disclaimer

All natural Wood has Color variation, even within the same species. No item can be guaranteed to have the same grain color, finish, or wood knots due to natural factors.  These are not defects.

Leather disclaimer

Leather is a natural product from animal hides and therefore differs from hide to hide. Variations in the texture of the leather is inherent of the natural beauty and uniqueness of the leather. Every piece of leather may absorb the color dyes a little differently during the tanning process causing irregularities in the consistency and depth of the color.  Leather is made from the skin of an animal and as such will always have natural marking such as dents, scars, scratches, wrinkles or blemishes. These natural markings or irregularities should not be considered as a defect but rather indications of genuine leather.  In many cases,  Furniture that is listed as genuine leather will likely have real leather on the areas of the furniture that touches the skin (seats, backs, arms) and matching PU or Eco-leather on the outside arms and outside back.  This is how we are able to keep the price affordable.  

Outdoor Furniture care

Generally, in order to extend the life of your outdoor furniture we recommend you to clean it regularly using a mild soap solution and do not leave it outdoors without protection unnecessarily.  If possible, store in a cool, dry place indoors. If the product is stored outdoors, protect it with a waterproof cover. Wipe and dry the excess water or snow from flat surfaces after a rain or snowfall. Allow sufficient air circulation to avoid moisture-related damage.  The Daily Sasquatch is not responsible and will not warranty any damage to outdoor furniture to to the elements.

Shipping:  The Daily Sasquatch procures products from different suppliers with different shipping rules.  Generally, processing is 1 -2 Business Days and shipping will take 3-7 Business Days and up to 2 weeks for furniture items (which may or may not need to have their delivery scheduled).



The Daily Sasquatch procures products from different suppliers with different return/refund rules. 


Return & refund application needs to be filed within 30 days from the delivered date.  Refunds requested outside of the 30 days will not be honored.

We do not allow order cancellation before shipping.  We can try, but once an order has been funded, cancellations are not guaranteed.

We do not accept non-defective "remorse" returns.   If you purchase this product and apply for a refund due to your personal desire (dislike/no use), we will reject your application.
If the item was delivered damaged or defective, you will need to return the item(s) and pay for the return shipping label.



Delayed in transit/No tracking info.
If there is no update of the tracking info for more than 10 business days (from the time in the logistics website tracking info), the buyer shall contact or contact us through Doba account with Contact Message for a solution. Note: this clause is not applicable for special time/periods such as holidays, covid-19, abnormal weather, or other abnormal situations.

Destroyed in transit
If the order is damaged in transit, i.e. tracking showing damage occurred during transit, the buyer can request refund with the screenshot of tracking as a proof. Notes: Determine the proportion of compensation according to the specific situation of the order
Returned to sender(except case: wrong shipping address left on orders)
If tracking shows the order returned to sender, the buyer can request a full refund or a redelivery.

Delivered but not received
If the transit time exceeds the estimated delivery time by 10 days or more and the supplier fails to provide proof of delivery, the buyer shall contact or contact us through the Doba account with Contact Message containing the following: Damaged or Broken, Stains/Minor scratch/Poor quality, etc., Not as described (size/color/style), Wrong item received, Missing Item/accessories.


The Service Policy
Customer must submit after-sales application to the supplier to ask for return and refund policy within a month after the package has been delivered. If submitted after a month period, you will not qualify for the Return and Refund Policy.
Once you submit the after-sales application, please provide photos or videos as proof to our customer service to decide how to process your return.
Please note: We do not accept unwarranted refund orders.  If you purchase this product and apply for a refund due to your personal desire (dislike/no use), we will reject your application.

Out of Stock
When your order is out of stock, our customer service will contact you as soon as possible. They will ask whether you want to wait for the products to be restocked or exchange for another product. You are also entitled to a full refund.

Broken Promise of Restocking & Order Shipped out Time
Products you ordered were out of stock but suppliers have replenishments on the way to their warehouse. Supplier gave you replenishment & estimated order shipped out time. You agreed with waiting for replenishments.
Under this case, your orders still can not be shipped out in any reasons, you're qualified for a full refund and 5% order price as compensation.

Received Wrong Item
Mistakes happen. If you receive the wrong products, you should send photos or videos as proof to the supplier. Attach wrong product pictures and package pictures (including product SKU and label) when submitting an after-sales application.
If you do not wish to keep the products, the supplier will send you a shipping label to send the goods back. Once the supplier receives the goods back, they will ship the correct product you ordered.
You are also eligible for a full refund. Once you return the wrong products to the supplier in good condition, they will issue the full refund. The supplier is in charge of the return shipping fees.


Partial Items Shipped
When you received your package and find that part of product isn't included, you should immediately take photos to send to the supplier. Ask the supplier to ship the missing item or issue a refund.
You could choose to keep the products and our suppliers will issue a refund based on what you have received.
You can also return the products in good condition for a full refund. Return shipping fees is the supplier's responsibility.


Payment Issue
If you accidently are charged more than your order total, please contact customer service as soon as possible. We will refund you if you are wrongfully charged.


Wrong shipping address
If you accidentally submit the wrong address when placing an order, please contact the supplier immediately (but there is a 50% probability of unsuccessful modification of the address, if the modification is unsuccessful, you will lose 100% of the money) modify your delivery address (If the supplier requires modification, you need to pay the modification fee).  If the product is returned to the supplier`s warehouse and you apply for a refund, you have the right to apply for a refund, but you can only get 50% of the purchase price.

Shipping Label Created but no Updates
The situation is you get tracking number from supplier but found no movement and update when tracked in logistic website.
If the shipping status of pre-shipment (logistic carrier awaiting for item) keeps more than 7 business days (calculated on the basis started from the time in logistic website tracking info) and have no update, you can issue a full refund.
Notice: The clause will be invalid in special time/period like holiday like Holiday Black Friday, Christmas or COVID-19 or snowstorm etc. We will have related clause of Special Time/Period Return & Refund Policy.

Sent but not Received
If the estimated shipping time exceed 10 days and you never received your products, you could contact our suppliers asking for after-sales return and refund service. Our suppliers will reship or issue full refund depending on your preference.

Logistic Timeout
If the estimated shipping time exceeds 10 days (except special time/period like Holiday Black Friday, Christmas or COVID-19 or snowstorm etc.) without receiving your package (tracking no delivered in logistic website) , you can contact the supplier to issue full refund and to get 5% order price as compensation.
If orders was delivered but the estimated shipping time exceeds 10 days, you must receive your order and contact the supplier immediately to ask for 5% order price as compensation.
You can also return the products in good condition to get a full refund. Return shipping charges are paid by the supplier.
If you request refund that the estimated shipping time not exceeds 10 days and the order was never delivered, you're qualified for getting full refund.
Notice: We will have declaration of special time/period return & refund policy upfront website/email etc.

Products With Quality Issues
When you received your package and find products with quality issues, you should contact our suppliers and send photos or videos as proof asking for after-sales service.
In this case our suppliers would issue a 100% refund to you after you return the products in good condition.
If you choose to replace the products, please return the products with the quality issues to the supplier's warehouse first. After the goods are received and inspected, the replacement products will be shipped.

Broken Product
If you received a broken product, you should submit an after-sales application and send proof to the supplier (photo, video) asking for after-sales service within 5 days after the package was delivered to you. Our suppliers will replace or issue refund (Determine the compensation proportion according to the specific situation of the order ,for example, if the goods are damaged due to logistics reasons, the logistics compensation result shall be released).


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