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About the Author
he Daily Sasquatch the legend AKA the elusive Bigfoot, likes long walksi n the woods, making cool recipes and doing home improvement DIY Projects

This page is giving me first day of school, first day on the job  (or insert your own personal hell here) let's-go-around-the-room-and-say-something-interesting-about-yourself anxiety and I am not here for it.  What is this blog supposed to be about? I don't know. It's as enigmatic as the 'Squatch him/herself.  What I do know is that I am not a chef, but I like to cook delicious SIMPLE food.  I haven't had a mixer or food processor since  2010.  If I can't mix it by hand with a fork or a whisk, it doesn't get added to my recipe collection.  I don't do a lot of baking (unless its cornbread or biscuits) and I rarely deep fat fry anything because that clean-up is too much and, really, isn't that what restaurants are for? I do not know what an "instant pot" is ( is it a crock pot?) but I did jump on the air fryer bandwagon a while back looooong after it was cool and I do not regret it.  I also think there are a ton of really overworked people out there who just can't handle one more exhausting "what do you want for dinner, I don't know, what do you want for dinner" and I'm just trying to do my part to help keep you sane.

I love the woods, and I think all the animals in the woods are so amazingly fantastic (bears are totes adorbs!) and I will literally bore you to tears with all my Instagram posts and videos about them, but you'll just have to deal.


I'm a consummate do-it-yourselfer who used to renovate houses and I bought some property (out in the woods of course) a few years back and will be building a house I designed myself sometime in 2023.  Seriously, we're just waiting on the county to approve the zoning, then approve the permitting, then land clearing, then ground breaking!  I cannot wait until I'm able to start building things like compost bins and chicken coops and I want some goats and pigs, too.  I love architecture and design, so there will be no shortage of drool worthy posts about that.

One of my favorite things is home furnishings and everything that goes along with it.  This site will be where I will showcase my carefully curated collections to share with you.

I'll probably throw some other random stuff on here, too, like fun trips with my awesome daughter, and stuff probably only I think is cool, but feel free to skip around.  Hey, I'm just trying to figure it out like rest of you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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