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Architecture and Home Design

Lake Squalm

The building's exterior is designed to reflect the light emanating from the lake, which is filtered through the trees, creating natural atmospheric patterns that are projected onto the building and the space within. The dark color and reflective surfaces of the exterior minimize the structure's visual impact from the lake, blending it seamlessly into the natural environment.

Hood Cliff Retreat

Reclaimed beams and siding from the original cabin were re-purposed as countertops and interior cladding. Simple details and a restrained material palette kept the construction budget to a minimum. The architects sought to dissolve the barriers between the inside and out, between forest, garden, and structure. Sunlight warms the plywood walls and ceilings, grazing the warm cedar boards and cast-in-place concrete, allowing shadow and light to transform the simple interior into something more complex and subtle.

Black Cabin

The living spaces and outdoor patio are sheltered from the elements by a gently sloping roof, while a compact guest wing is located on the opposing side, underneath a smaller roof. The dwelling is spread out over a single level and compartmentalized into three living zones that follow the natural topography of the landscape. The structure is clad in black Douglas fir, while second-growth cedar is used for the walls, window frames, and stair treads, all locally sourced. The dark hue of the exterior blends with the woodsy setting, while the lighter interior increases natural light. The beach cove inspired the palette, with bleached driftwood, light gray granite, and the shadows from the trees.

Bare House

The kitchen is located behind the dining and living areas, with wood cabinets without hardware, giving the kitchen a modern and streamlined appearance. The kitchen island with seating provides a more casual dining area or a space for meal preparation.

Villa Korsholmen

Located on the Strömsö group of private islands situated off the southern coast of Finland, Villa Korsholmen represents the quintessential exclusive island retreat. The Villa's interior design features birch wood fixtures, refined furnishings, and an abundance of natural light, seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment. Each private bedroom boasts a Duravit Sundeck pool, strategically positioned next to floor-to-ceiling windows that offer an uninterrupted panoramic view of the Gulf of Finland, the easternmost arm of the Baltic Sea.
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