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Choosing A Tent

It's been difficult to decide exactly what kind of camp to build. The camp is temporary in that I don't expect it to be there after the house is built, BUT then again wouldn't it make a fun guest house (if I ran electricity out there) so why not keep it up? I was inspired by these glamping tents from Pinterest but it wasn't until I actually stayed in a safari tent (aka wall tent) at Timberline Glamping that I realized a safari tent was the way to go. Commercially available safari tents are about $2-5k (or more) plus the rain fly, plus the deck to put it on, and I was not willing to spend that much.

I finally decided to put a post at each corner, a few rafters, and wrapped it in second hand canvas. Heavy duty tarp for the roof. (I don't live there, so if a tree branch came down in the middle of the night and went through the roof, no one is getting hurt, and there's nothing in there that I would be upset at losing.) Even though I love the white safari tents, (like these) I really needed mine to blend in with the woods, so I went with green. I also extended the front of the deck another five feet, so the tented area is still 12 x 10, but there is a "patio" to sit on.

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