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My kid and I went glamping

I grew up kind of in the country where we spent a lot of time outside and I did, and still, love the outdoors. Surprisingly though, I've only been camping once. More like my dad pitched a tent in the backyard and my brothers got to spend the night in it while I had to come in the house. So I never really got into it and I was ok with that because I love air conditioning waaaaaay too much to be away from it for too long. Having said that, I did find the whole "glamping" idea intriguing: you get to pretend to rough it until you're tired of it, then you can retreat to your air conditioned tent with with a lovely bed and electricity and WIFI and eat snacks and watch movies on your tablet. What could be better?

I searched the great Google machine and found this very lovely glamping website called Timberline Glamping. They have several locations, with a map of each one and you can pick the tent you want to be in (although they do fill up quickly). The reservation is a completely online process which I love! I made reservations for site #57 over winter break for my daughter and I at the Clarks Hill Lake area in Georgia (they have several locations in Georgia and Florida). Since we're in Central Florida, it was an easy 7 hours or so in the car. We walked into what was basically a 5 star hotel room, except it is a tent.

This pic is from the Timberline Glamping website, and yes, it looked exactly like this when we walked in.

I guess the tent was about 16X20. Two queen beds, a mini fridge, coffee maker, an essential oil mister (fancy!), and an air conditioner/heater combo with a remote so you don't even have to get out of bed to adjust it. Outside was a fire ring already set up to use with two Adirondack chairs, a couple of hammocks, a grill, a picnic table, a water spigot, and a lovely light string so it wasn't pitch black. Really the only roughing it was the short walk to the community bathroom, which was clean and heated! (the weather was between 33 and 65 degrees while we were there). The view was even better.

The experience was AH-ma-zing. We had a great time hiking the woods, gathering more firewood, scouting around the beachy area, and tracking deer prints. The campground also offers water sports like jet ski and boat rentals in the summer months, and there is a huge dock and boat launch to one side. And, if you want some civilization, there's a mecca with a Publix and some restaurants (and a Starbucks) about 7 miles away.

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