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So this happened last week

FINALLY we are starting to build. Ok, not quite building, but we are a bit closer than we were. I have been waiting seeminlgy forever to get to this point. Almost a year with the architect. Closed on the construction loan in May. Zoning approval took 10 weeks. Now we can clear while we wait for building permits to come through. As happy as I am that we are clearing, its a little sad as well. I bought a wooded lot to keep the wooded quality to it. Looking at all that dirt, well, its almost heartbreaking. I have to keep reminding myself that the trees that were taken out were small scrub trees that would fall over in the next high wind we got anyways. None of the beautiful, gorgeous, old growth oaks were touched. In time, the leaves will fall and create a new forest floor teeming with insect life. But for now, its necessary. We need the space to build the the house and dig the septic and the drainfield, room for trusses to be delivered and room for the blocks to be staged. Once we're dried in, I can begin replanting healthy trees, planting new forage for the deer and turkey that come through, and wild flowers and bushes for the bees and butterflies. I can also begin planning where the gardens and composting areas will be. On the upside, the bear cub stopped by for a visit. I hadn't seen him in a while and I was afraid something happened to him, so I was quite happy to see him.

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