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exeter outdoor patio sectional sofa luthersville table chair terrace gray cream dark wood modern minimalist

Exeter Outdoor Wood Patio 4-Piece Sectional

The Exeter outdoor patio seating group is crafted of acacia wood, designed for longevity because acacia wood is durable, sturdy and withstands climatic variations well. The cushions and pillows are covered with zippered fabric which is also water-resistant and UV-resistant. The cushions and pillows can be washed with machine but hand-washing is recommend for long-time use.

Weight Capacity: 330lbs per seat, Table 150lbs

Dimensions and Warranty

Arm Chair: 57.3x24.6x26.6inch(LXWXH); Corner Chair: 28.9x28.9x26.6inch(LXWXH); Tea Table: 29.5x29.5x10.2inch(LXWXH); Long Seat Cushion: 57.3x24.6x4inch(LXWXT); Long Back Pillow: 57.3x15.4x3.1inch(LXWXT); Arm Chair Pillow: 24.6x15.4x3.1inch(LXWXT); Corner Chair Seat Cushion: 24.6x24.6x4inch(LXWXT); Corner Chair Back Pillow: 28.9x15.4x3.1inch(LXWXT). 4 boxes in total which may not come together. 

Package Sze:

Sub-item 1: WF199071AAAPackage Quantity:  1    58.27 * 30.71 * 11.02 inches  52.91lbs
Sub-item 2: WF199072AAAPackage Quantity:  1    34.25 * 30.31 * 9.84 inches  28.66lbs
Sub-item 3: WF199073AAAPackage Quantity:  1    58.60 * 22.00 * 10.20 inches  65.04lbs
Sub-item 4: WF199074AAAPackage Quantity:  1    32.60 * 31.43 * 14.53 inches  65.98lbs


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